You’ll Grow Out Of It – Jessi Klein

Apr 18

You’ll Grow Out Of It – Jessi Klein

I could relate to roughly 95% of this collection of short, true stories by Jessi Klein. Tales from her past include some seriously crappy boyfriends, struggles with confidence, an impressive career path, friendships, and love. All of these stories are told with a razor sharp wit, a sailor’s mouth, and all of the humanity. On dating a ‘Cad’: “Someone who consistently fails to meet every rule you’ve carefully cultivated over the years as to how you will permit yourself to be treated. My friend Tami describes this condition as “being lost on the Shutter Island of Good Dick” because you are under the sway of a powerful and confusing force.” If that passage offended you, this book is not for you. Reading through the pages, I felt like I was getting a sneak peak at Sex and the City (the best show ever!), the comedienne/Jewish version.

Jessi Klein has written for SNL and won an Emmy for Inside Amy Schumer, so you know her humor is right up my particular alley. I laughed, I cried, I nodded my head in agreement more than once. The 5-ish percent that I couldn’t relate to was the infertility portion, and Ms. Klein even made that hilarious. While at a childbirth education class, “A woman who seem like she might be a litle bit of an asshole rasies her hand. She turns out to be me.”

People who are a little bit asshole-y are my favorite kind of people.


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