The Wonder – Emma Donoghue

Jul 15

The Wonder – Emma Donoghue

I enjoy Emma Donoghue’s writing quite a bit. This book is completely different from Room, but just as mysterious and gripping.

Lib Wright is a by-the-book nurse from London who studied under none other than Florence Nightingale. She is summoned by a small village in Ireland to take a vigilant watch over an eleven year old girl named Anna O’Donnell. Anna, according to reports, has not eaten in four months, since her birthday. Lib is ready to crack the case and expose the child as a fraud. She can’t believe the whole town, and the girl’s family, has been bamboozled by the obvious chicanery.

Lib is shocked to discover that the girl is lovely, and seemingly pure of heart. This greatly confuses Lib; she finds solace in the help of a journalist, and they both vow to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The conclusion moves with lightning speed from highly disturbing to deeply satisfying.


This book picture shows an icon holding my reading material. My very favorite charity is the Ronald McDonald House. I have been volunteering there for over ten years. My teacher friends and I would make dinner 5-6 times a year at the house in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here in Atlanta, I volunteer with guest services every other Friday. I am fairly certain I owe this trait to my father; he always said that you can’t feel sorry for yourself if you are busy helping someone else. What do you do to give back to your community? I’d love to hear your stories, I am always looking for a new way to help out.


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