Out of the Weeds – Three Birds Tavern

Oct 25

Out of the Weeds is the new line of artisan dressings from the fine folks at Three Birds Tavern. (See my previous review Here.) I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch party, and those people know how to introduce a product!

Through a partnership with The Saucy Queen (who is simply fantastic) and The Sauceology Group, Out of the Weeds has created three innovative, fresh, locally made dressings. I am a gal who loves to dip, so this was a night straight out of my dreams.

I am a big fan of craft cocktails. These vegetable-inspired drinks were tasty and creative.


The stars of the show were the infinitely-purposed dressings.

Roasted Tomato

Roasted Beet

Carrot Ginger

My personal favorite is the Carrot Ginger. I will be marinating chicken in that delicious goodness, putting on my salads, and possibly eating it with a spoon. Don’t judge. I enjoyed the food, dressings, and band with some very entertaining company~thanks Nichole and Lane!

I love supporting local businesses with big dreams. It makes it easy to support them when the product is so flavorful!



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