Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

May 01

Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen

This is my 3rd time reading this unique and romantic story by Sara Gruen. I was visiting my friend Stacy in Denver 7 or 8 years ago. We love to steal each other’s books whenever we visit. A friend who reads is a treasure indeed. I read the description on the back, and surely made some smart-mouth comment about not liking the circus. Oh, to be happily wrong.

Jacob Jankowski is perhaps one of the most likable characters ever written. He is smart, caring, funny, and on the cusp of following in his veterinarian father’s footsteps when tragedy strikes and sends Jacob reeling. He winds up as the menagerie man on a circus train during the 1930s. There he meets the tragically beautiful and wounded Marlena, the star of the show, and her Ring Master husband August, a brute who is equal parts charming and malicious. The friendships that Jacob forms with his new coworkers is endearing; the historically accurate tales of the terrible treatment of people and animals alike may just break your heart. If you don’t fall in love with Jacob and a fascinating elephant named Rosie, you may not be human.

I read this book for a second time simultaneously with my then brand new boyfriend about five years ago, right before the movie came out. I felt like they did a very good job with the movie, even though a major character was left completely out of the story line. I do enjoy most Reese Witherspoon projects. Mystery solved: The book is always better.

Now I just read it for a third time, and it is still brilliant and shocking. If you haven’t even read it once, add it to your spring reading list.





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