Turkey Martini – Wright’s Gourmet House

Nov 06

I am in love…with Wright’s Gourmet House in Tampa.  I wandered over there after going to the gym today.  When I arrived at about 1:00 the line was out the door.  I prepared myself mentally for some type of soup Nazi situation.  Despite all of the craziness, the line moved quickly and the gentleman next to me offered some sandwich and ordering advice.  I decided to go for the house specialty (which is technically the Beef Martini; loved that I could go turkey substitute).  This huge sandy comes on Buttercrust white bread.  It was piled high with turkey, crispy bacon, mushrooms marinated in white wine, and some fantastic garlic and herb spread.  Happy in my mouth.  The only confusion of the day….I ordered a side of potato salad that never came to fruition.  I didn’t need it.  After ordering you go cafeteria style and pay the super friendly cashiers.  Wright’s also offers some delightful baked goods…rumor in the line was that the chocolate cake is to die for.  I loved the family style atmosphere, loved the clientele, most of all loved the sandwich.  This place just became a favorite…can’t wait to go back and try one of their hot sandwich offerings.


  1. Steve used to work near here when I wasn’t working after having Clay. I used to meet him here and drool. Not over him, unfortunately, but over their sandwiches. Yummmmm.

  2. I brought a menu home…it is like porn for me.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful words.

    However, I am disappointed that you got neither your potato salad nor the chance to try any of our sweets.

    To remedy both, just drop me an email because I would love to send you a lunch for two certificate.

    Warm regards and Happy Holidays,


    Business Manager
    Wright’s Gourmet House

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