Tough Sh*t – Kevin Smith

Mar 21

Tough Sh*t – Kevin Smith

I’m what you might call a ‘moderate’ Kevin Smith fan.   I fell in love with the dialogue and Indie-ness of Clerks and have been a follower ever since.   I am a big enough fan that I own all of his movies and have seen them countless times (Dogma is my favorite, if you don’t love Jersey Girl you have no soul.)  I have a signed copy of  Silent Bob Speaks.  I have seen more than one episode of Degrassi, and thanks to Mr. Smith I holler out “Wheelchair Jimmy!” every time I see/hear Drake.  I have seen Spoilers and several of his famous Q & A sessions.  No less than 10 family members and friends have bought me Kevin Smith merch for gifts.   I say ‘moderate’ because this dude has roughly one million irons in the fire, and you would have to have no job or life if you followed everything that he does.

Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good is a collection of life lessons meant to inspire the reader to reach for the stars.  When the author is faced with the death of his beloved father in an abrupt and borderline frightening manner, he gleans this simple truth:  We are all going to die anyway….so why not take a chance while you are here on this Earth and strive for what makes you happy.  Then try to make some bank off of that Happy.  Which is a fairly straightforward concept.

Lucky for us, Kevin Smith peppers this life lesson with his special brand of humor and behind-the-scenes stories.  One example from Miramax:  In the midst of  a particular meeting with Harvey Weinstein and Michael Eisner, Smith paints a picture of the scene by stating Eisner …”unbuckled, dropped trou, and crapped a long log of truth in the midst of the party.”  Smith pulls no punches telling tales of the horror of working with the  ego-maniacal Bruce Willis (who “turtled the f**k up like Claude Lemieux getting a beat-down by Darren McCarty” when faced with improv.)  Smith also brings forth the cringe when he describes the abominable way that Southwest Airlines treated him.   You may also want to run for the hills when Smith describes his love for his wife in the sweetest possible ways….then follows that sweetness with some pretty graphic married couple business.

Is this book going to change your life?  Probably not.  It might make you stop and think for a minute about your own goals and how you spend your time and think about what your next move on the ice of life is…natch.

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