Toasted Smoked Fish Spread Sandwich – Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

Aug 28

Toasted Smoked Fish Spread Sandwich – Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

After purchasing a panini maker with a wedding gift card, The Husband and I had sandwiches on the brain. We were driving toward St. Pete Beach when we realized we had never been to Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish. I first heard of this place when Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives stopped in a few years ago. My co-workers have always raved about the burgers. Ted Peters is a St. Petersburg classic. Outdoor seating, cash only, concise menu done well, and hands down the friendliest waitress ever. After ascertaining that we were first timers, she was quick to explain the menu and grab us a sample of the Fish Spread. That sample made my selection easy. The sandy was simple, yet the mullet had a million layers of flavor. (Insert obvious joke about that guy you dated in the 80s here.)   Like a tuna sandwich from Mom’s kitchen, but made with 50 years of smoking experience.



We also were happy to partake in the Manhattan style clam chowder and the best German Potato Salad that this mouth has come in contact with. Our favorite item of the day was the cheeseburger that Spencer ordered. I love that one of the finest burgers I have had came via a fish restaurant. If you are looking for a down-home place with awesome service and simple food done deliciously well, head on over to Ted Peters.



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