The Thing About Jellyfish – Ali Benjamin

Oct 30

The Thing About Jellyfish – Ali Benjamin

This book by Ali Benjamin is a touching story for young teens all the way up to adult readers. It was a great way to get lost for an afternoon while my husband worked yet another ’24+4′ shift at the local hospital.

I was made for elementary school. I loved it so much that I never missed a day. I loved the teachers, I loved the library, I loved gifted class, I loved reading so much that I did self-assigned book reports. Elementary school made sense. Middle school…was a whole new and much more frightening endeavor. Some of the teachers were mean. All of a sudden, we should care about boys in a different way. We should worry about hair and clothes and…I am having a small anxiety attack just thinking about that particular era of my life. You could not pay me to go through middle school again.

Suzy is like me in many senses. She is a talker who loves to learn and spew facts to anyone willing to listen. For many years, the listening ear in her life has been her friend Franny. The summer before seventh grade commences, Franny drowns while on vacation. This is of course a devastating event at any age; with everything else going on in middle school this type of death is a core shaker.

Trying to make sense of a senseless death, Suzy verbally shuts down and enters the fascinating world of jellyfish. I learned many new things about these aquatic creatures, all the while cheering Suzy on.

Thank goodness middle school is the shortest stretch of one’s educational journey.




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