The Time Keeper

Jun 26

The Time Keeper

Oh, Mitch Albom, you are a gem. This succinct story is just about close to perfection. Dor is a man fascinated with counting and time, before “time” has been invented. A tragic course of events and one terrible choice find Dor as The Time Keeper. He is trapped in a cave, listening to all of mankind’s pleas about time. The wants of two special people afford Dor the right to escape his prison and finish his path. Dor meets up with Sarah, a lonely teen feeling the ultimate highs and lows of crushing hardcore for the first time; and Victor, a very wealthy businessman trying to beat cancer. The three characters are painted by Albom with a skilled hand. Their stories are then expertly woven together. The lessons in this book about time are significant and universal. Feeling lucky that I had “time” to read this book in one day.

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