The Street Trio – Green Lemon

Apr 12

The Street Trio – Green Lemon

The Sandwich Gal is always willing to try any cuisine. I am a long time taco fan, and was recently made to realize that the taco is the Mexican Sandwich! So on a Wednesday night, I enter Green Lemon in the SoHo District of Tampa. The vibe is fun; bright colors and the requisite Salsa music abound. We are seated immediately; the booths are small and cozy, there are areas for larger groups. Our waitress was helpful and super friendly. We go with the Trio Dip for an appetizer; the chips were warm and spicy, served with guacamole, salsa, and a queso blanco that I am considering marrying.

The fiancee nixes that idea.
He goes with the Tampanian Fiesta Bowl.

I have more than one bite of this delicious goodness. Mojo pulled pork, black beans, plantain chips & lime marinated onions with a lime vinaigrette….so yummy and basically a healthy pile of tastiness.
On to the main event…my three tacos.

This is not your mother’s Taco Bell, friend. I go with the Tuna Crunchy per the waitress’s suggestion (seared marinated tuna, jicama, cucumbers, crispy onions, napa cabbage & sriracha aioli), Carne Asada for my meat loving roots (grilled marinate skirt steak, salsa fresca, cabbage & grilled tomatillo sauce), and the Ancho Chicken because I needed a third meat (grilled chicken breast, avocado, pickled red onions, cilantro,
queso fresco & chile de arbol). The Tuna Crunchy was my hands down favorite for its freshness, originality, and perfection on a fresh-made soft corn tortilla.
The ingredients are top shelf, the ideas original, the presentation beautiful, the prices completely affordable, and the staff friendly. The manager also pointed me toward a must read book, The Night Circus.

Smart? Delicious? Fun? Oh….and that Margarita on the Rocks….I’ll be back at this sweet spot. You should hit it up, too.


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  1. Jodi Dunaway /

    Man, I so want to go! Love me some taco love 🙂 I’ll keep it on the to go list for the next time I’m in Tampa. Or you could just overnight me some. YUMMY!

  2. admin /

    Jodi…that Tuna Crunchy has your name all over it. 🙂

  3. Theresa /

    Looks and Sounds delicious. If you recomended this eatery….I KNOW IT MUST BE AWESOME!!!! My girl doesn’t joke when it comes to her “foodwiches!” We’ll put it on our “to-go” list!! Thanks for sharing..keep’em coming and telling it like it is!!!!!!!!!

  4. admin /

    Thanks, Theresa. That place is calling for you and I to have a taco/margarita night.

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