The Street of a Thousand Blossoms

Dec 01

I read this book by Gail Tsukiyama to redeem myself for the Nora Roberts read earlier in the week.  The author paints a beautiful and horrifying picture of two brothers coming of age in Japan during and post WWII.  I loved the descriptions of the plant life.  I also learned about the Noh theatre and the artists who make masks for the actors.  This book had a decidedly tragic course.  Much sadness for the bros.  I loved learning some new Japanese words and delving into the practices and traditions of Sumo.  I also liked how the characters would refer to each other with a “san” on the end of the name.  I am assuming this is a term of endearment.  I am going to start calling my friend Allison ‘Allison-san’.  This story was full of pathos, pick it up if you are in the mood for a deep read.

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