The Shipping News – Annie Proulx

Jun 16

I love, love, love this book by Annie Proulx.  This story is about a man named Quoyle, who completely stumbles into being a newspaperman.  He falls in mad love with a horrible woman.  He ends up on the Newfoundland coast, where he meets all of the local characters and truly discovers himself.  The writing has a very odd cadence, it was like reading poetry.  The author also ties in (haha) references from The Ashley Book of Knots to introduce each chapter.  I thought this was very educational…and endearing.  At the end of the day this is a love story; love of the sea, love of one’s homeland, love of children, love of your community, and finding love that is not painful.  On one page Quoyle wonders..”if love came in other colors than the basic black of none and the red heat of obsession?”  Priceless.  This book took me away, taught me, and gave me some hope; the goal of any good book, I assume.


  1. Alicia /

    I LOVED this book too! Read it a few years ago and just thought it was awesome. I loved the descriptions of the weather because it is so opposite of ours; I loved the relationships between the characters; I loved everything. The movie isn’t as good as the book (of course) but it’s still enjoyable.

  2. admin /

    I looked for the movie at Blockbuster…denied. Books are always better than movies 🙂


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