The Red Tent – Anita Diamant

Aug 04

The Red Tent – Anita Diamant

This book by Anita Diamant was suggested to me by my best friend Amy who was reading it for her Montana-based book club.  I am forever grateful for the suggestion, as I absolutely loved this story.  It is the story of Dinah, a woman barely mentioned in the Bible.  Her father is Jacob.  The Bible mostly focuses on him and his 12 sons.  Dinah is only mentioned, briefly, as a rape victim.  Dinah is a child of Jacob and Leah.  As this story is way, way, way old school, Jacob also has three other wives that also bear him children: Zilpah, Rachel, and Bilhah.  Just to kick the drama up a little, these gals are also sisters.  The Red Tent is the place where all of the ladies convene during their monthly female business.  (Cycles apparently coincided…..I remember this happening to me one fateful volleyball season.)  Dinah, being the only daughter, learns her family history by sitting at the feet of her mother and aunts and listening to their stories.    Births, deaths, jealousy, abuse…..the female characters are painted beautifully through their tales.  The story is also a tale of two Dinahs; I am sure most women can relate to a turning point in their own life when everything changed.  Dinah’s change is abrupt and tragic.  The transition period was a little thin.  This story shouted out to me as a woman.  You know I love my historical fiction, you know I love my Bible, this was an easy book to love.

Hey Hey, they made a movie! Has anyone seen this?

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