The Queen’s Fool – Philippa Gregory

May 11

Oh, how I love my historical fiction.  This is a great read by Philippa Gregory (she of The Other Boleyn Girl).  The book kicks off in 1548.  This story is about Hannah, a girl selected to be a Fool for the court of Queen Mary.  Hannah is a bookmaker’s daughter, on the run from Spain and hiding her religion and her Spanish roots.  She is subsequently passed between Mary and Elizabeth; she befriends them both and has an intimate view to their lives.  The story masterly weaves the tale of fictional Hannah’s extraordinary journey to grow up and find love with the history of the royals of England.  This is the only way I take my history, folks…..through the tales of love triangles, broken hearts, seductions, jealousy, and good old fashioned throw downs.  This book is extremely well written and well worth the 500 pages.

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