The Postmistress

Jan 25

The Postmistress

This book by Sarah Blake asks the question: If you were entrusted with delivering a message, is there ever a time where you just wouldn’t complete your task? In order for this story to work, it has to take place in a time when mail was a lifeline. The onset of WWII is the perfect setting. We meet Iris, an odd duck Postmaster in a tiny Massachusetts town and Frankie, a reporter covering the horror in Europe. The juxtapostion of war in your face in London and a dreamy naive town across the pond is bittersweet. This story will break your heart and have you questioning how you live with yourself when there are atrocities happening in the world right now. You will also question how you deliver the news; be it happy tidings or the worst possible news you can deliver. The author asks….How do we Bear the News? In both senses of the word??

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