The Paris Wife – Paula McLain

Jul 26

The Paris Wife – Paula McLain

I am not a big fan of Ernest Hemingway, but I maybe fell in love with him a little bit after reading this book by Paula McLain . The Paris Wife is a masterfully told piece of fictional history. Of course Ernest was real, and so was his first wife Hadley. This novel is a well researched imagining of their lives together in the roaring 20s. Their love was one for the ages and sprinkled with some fairly fantastic nicknames. Hadley was from a shattered home and was overprotected most of her early life due to her father’s suicide and an unfortunate accident. Meeting and falling in love with Ernest opened up the world for Hadley, literally and figuratively. Ernest is wildly intelligent, spontaneous, passionate, and handsome. The visual imagery is stunning. I could almost smell Paris and Pamplona, the good and the bad parts. Their short marriage was peppered with everything; adultery, famous friends, lesbians, exotic travels, and buckets full of booze. I am a little envious of the couple’s ability to pick up and travel at a moment’s notice; I was not a bit jealous of the terrible relationships that surrounded them and seemed to be acceptable to all. As a newlywed gal, I loathe a cheater.

As a side note, this is one of several books that my best friend Amy has suggested via her book club. Those ladies sure can pick the books. I may be the only (semi-silent) Florida member of your Montana club. Perhaps I can serve as mascot!

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