The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

May 15

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

Mysterious….dark….fascinating….other worldly….No, it is not your downstairs closet pre-cleaning day. The Night Circus is an amazingly unique and multi-layered tale by Erin Morgenstern. Like a creeper, the circus just shows up in your town. It seems to be a very captivating circus; one of illusions and tantalizing treats for all five of your senses. In actuality, it is the showcase for a “Game” that will be played out mostly in Europe circa 1900 by Celia, a master illusionist with a shit heel Dad, and Marco, an orphan with powers he acquires through intensive training and an equally crappy father figure. These two characters are not given any rules to said game; they, and you, fair reader, do their best to discern the objectives. The circus tents and attractions are described in beautifully aching detail. There is also a satisfying sub-plot with a couple of twin gingers and a farm boy. The seemingly requisite love story between Celia and Marco is well woven.
This story will suck you in and have you longing to be a Circus groupie back in the day. Thanks to the manager of The Lime (now The Green Lemon) in Tampa for suggesting this gem.



  1. Hi Nikki! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common – food bloggers and book readers! 🙂 My book club is meeting to talk about The Night Circus on Saturday – you are more than welcome to check out our group and join if you’d like!

  2. admin /

    Hey Amber! I joined your meetup group…I cannot make it this time due to the fact that the Fiance is moving in this weekend. Hopefully next time out! Do you have a food blog I can check out?!


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