The Nassau Grouper Wrap – Cafe Goombay

Jul 02

The Nassau Grouper Wrap – Cafe Goombay

When a gal is a day away from tying the knot, she needs The Man of Her Dreams, a cocktail,  and an exotic sandwich.  I was lucky enough to have all three represented on a magical day in Nassau, Bahamas, in June.  I am all about local ingredients and dishes when I travel.  Cafe Goombay is a little outdoor restaurant on a private island a short boat ride away from our home away from home, the Sandals resort.  Deep fried grouper fingers, lettuce, and a delectable spicy mango sauce were perfection on my Wedding Eve day.


Curly fries and a Bahamian Conch Chowder spiked with Spiced Rum rounded out my meal.   No Bahamian meal is complete without some type of tropical drink; I go Rum Runner.  (You know, to complement the soup.)  This is my idea of a perfect meal; planning our future over a tasty sandy.   This may be my all time favorite lunch….due to the company, the view, and the monumental life event.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


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