The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane – Kate DiCamillo

Jun 09

This novel by Kate DiCamillo is about a china rabbit named Edward who thinks he is the greatest rabbit of all time.  He lives in a nice house with a sweet girl named Abilene, her folks, and a wise, sort of scary Grandma who can see right through Edward and his nonsense.  I read this story aloud to my students.  Usually I go Charlotte’s Web at the end of the year; however I looped and these kids needed a new story.  We were all fascinated by the journey Edward takes to discover the important things in life.  He ends up on the bottom of the ocean which is maybe the world’s most powerful time out.  Time to think about the choices you have made, Edward.  He winds up with  a fisherman, a hobo, and a boy who loves his sister more than anything; Edward’s travels, relationships, name changes and the hope to be loved will pull at your heartstrings.  Unless of course you are a snooty china rabbit, then this story will be wasted on you.   There are definite religious undertones and some parts may be too scary for anyone under 7.  I am adding this to my permanent read aloud collection.

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