The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Sep 21

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

I decided to read this book by Kim Edwards because my best friend Amy is reading it for her Montana based book club. I happened to have a copy on hand. (I am a notorious “book beggar”. I currently receive books from the ladies at school, my hairdresser, my boyfriend’s mom, my own family, friends across the country, and random folks I meet out and about.) Amy warned me: “I guess this one is really going to make us cry.” As Amy and I have shared countless cries over the years, I braced myself. Thus begins the story of Dr. David Henry and his wife Norah. They have a seemingly perfect life for about one page. Norah goes into labor with the couple’s first child on a stormy night. The doc ends up delivering what turns out to be twins. The first one looks good! Uh oh, the second one appears to have Down’s Syndrome. Apparently the best option at this point is to give away the less than perfect child to your friend/nurse, Caroline. Really? This decision will obviously affect the lives of all involved for eternity. The story follows the marriage and the twins through their separate lives. I was constantly wondering…”What if??” I wouldn’t say I enjoyed this story; but I do appreciate the character development and the psychology and study of family secrets. Well worth the read, no tears, long distance virtual high five, Amy.

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