The Mediterranean – St. Pete Bagel Co.

Feb 05

The Mediterranean – St. Pete Bagel Co.

Lazy Sunday Perfection will now have to include the St. Pete Bagel Co. on 4th Street. I have passed by this place a million times, I am so glad to have finally made it through their doors. This small eatery boasts many coffee choices, doughnuts, sandys, and of course the obligatory bagels and smear. The two hip gals working the counter were helpful and kept everything moving as a constant stream of folks entered and exited. The Mediterranean comes with hummus, tomato, sprouts and cucumbers. I chose to have it on a toasted sundried tomato bagel. I love my veggie sandys, and this one was quality goodness. Bonus alert: If you check in on Foursquare, the fine folks at St. Pete Bagel Co. will hook you up with a free bagel with cream cheese of your choice. Stellar.

Cocoa Puffs Donut

*I fought a 6-year old for that donut. It was worth it.


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