The Lincoln Lawyer – Michael Connelly

Nov 09

The Lincoln Lawyer – Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly tells the tale of Mickey Haller, a sort of likeable lawyer, (is that possible?  I believe I am required as an American to make one bad lawyer joke…) who rides around in the backs of Lincolns defending less than desirable clients.  Mickey smells money when he is thrown the case of Louis Roulet.  Roulet is a douchey playboy with a rich mama who is accused of beating the crap out of a prostitute.  As Mickey delves deeper into the case, he rediscovers a need for…….justice.  The book is a definite page turner.  If you are into Law and Order or great crime stories, this is a quick and entertaining read.  On a side note….this is book #2 that my best friend Amy has suggested to me in the last few months that was found in my piles of books upstairs in my house.  Hoarder Alert.  On a secondary side note, the movie held up fairly well.  Shout out to Amy….the playboy was played by Ryan Phillippe……as opposed to the evil Jay Cutler of your imagination.


  1. Every time I see the Bears play I think he’s a criminal. Seriously though, it was a great book. For not being much of a reader, I didn’t want to put it down. First Connelly book I’ve read but I’ll probably read another soon.

    • I think it is borderline hilarious that you picture NFL players whilst reading……You are a reader now!!!

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