The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Mar 12

The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The one-two punch of a Barnes and Noble gift card and the whole world buzzing about this book by Suzanne Collins had me set for a night of reading. I was not sure what to expect; I had heard exactly zero details…Twilight style nonsense? Anorexic teens? Sandwich throwing contests? I really didn’t bank on this being much of a story…Oh, to be happily wrong. The tale is set in a future United States where there are simply 12 Districts and 1 Capitol. That Capitol deems that each year a Reaping be held. The Reaping is a lottery system. One boy and one girl (ages 12-18) from each District will be chosen for The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are basically Survivor on steroids. You have to survive, yes. You also have to kill the other 23 contestants to “win”. I could not put this book down. You will love the heroine, Katniss. You will grimace at some of the scenes. You will turn the pages at an alarming rate through gruesome battles. You will cheer. You will question…What Would I Do?? You will be thankful that you do not live in the country known as Panem. You will eagerly anticipate the movie, and pray that they do the story justice. You will laugh at your own silly judgement of the story before you actually read it through. As I’m sure you have heard from everyone who has read The Hunger Games…go read it. Now. Enjoy that rare feeling of not being able to put a book down. And maybe have a bunch of Girl Scout cookies on hand to get you through the rough parts.


  1. Alex W /

    I loved this trilogy! I hope that the movies do it justice because the books were really good.
    Excellent review!

  2. Leave it to you to interest me in this book! I had no desire to watch the movie and now not only do I want to see the movie, I will need to read the book.

  3. Gena /

    LOVED these books!! I’ve always been a fan of the dystopian society genre! Couldn’t stand the Twilight books, so I was hoping this was more up my alley and it was! I need to re-read them! PS-I’m totally team Peeta haha

  4. admin /

    I am so excited to read the other two! I thought they did a decent job with the movie. Peeta grew on me. And…that sounds terrible. 🙂

  5. Mary Beth /

    Loved this book, loved the movie… except for Peeta. The book portrays him as a love struck teen trying to keep Katniss alive. The movie has him as a bumbling idiot she has to constantly look out for.
    I thought the author did a great job with characters in this book, all were very in depth and I cared what happened to all of them, even Haymitch.
    On to book 2…

  6. admin /

    I liked Haymitch too…..even though he had very few redeeming qualities. At the end of the day, he had their best interests in mind and came through when necessary. I completely agree with your Peeta analysis, Mary Beth.


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