The Help – Kathryn Stockett

Sep 12

Loved, loved, loved this book by first time author Kathryn Stockett.  The story entwines three main characters in the early 1960s in Mississippi.  Skeeter is a recent college grad who has dreams of being a writer.  She is decidedly white.  Aibileen is an older maid who has raised many white children; she is also dealing with the loss of her own son.  My favorite character is Minny, Aibileen’s much younger best friend.  She is full of the sass and a maid as well.  Their lives intersect when Skeeter decides to write a book detailing the secret lives of black maids working for white families in the deep south…the good, the bad, and the downright demeaning.  The story is told, remarkably well, through the eyes of each woman.  You will laugh (The Terrible Awful), you will cry (at how horrible women can treat each other) and you will cheer (this story wasn’t based in a time that long ago).  I read this book in 2 days..I love that feeling of not being able to put a book down.  Let’s hope Mrs. Stockett is not a one hit wonder, she is a fantastic story teller.


  1. Ooooh, I heard about this one! I just started reading Change of Heart (so I had to skip your posting on that one), but The Help may be next on my list.

  2. Highly recommended…

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