The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – Amy Schumer

Aug 31

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – Amy Schumer

Anyone who loves a book loves it because she connects with it on some level. This book by Amy Schumer spoke to me on a multitude of levels. I was expecting straight up comedy, what I got was that and so much more. This book is equal parts hilarious (I may be banned from my gym after laughing so much while reading this) and heartbreaking.

Amy Schumer shares, in fact overshares, so much in this book that it was refreshing. She embraces all parts of her personality. With her celebrity, she uses parts of this book to shine a light on issues that are important to her and should resonate with all of us. She discusses being raped at a young age (you know my views on that topic if you read my Missoula review) and gun violence.
And calm down, crazies. She is not accusing all men of being sexual abusers nor is she trying to pry your guns from your cold dead hands. She is saying, hey, it is never okay to be intimate with someone if they are NOT AWAKE, and mentally ill folks shouldn’t be allowed to buy a gun. If you disagree with either one of those statements, you are the problem. She also has some major issues with her mother, a topic upon which I could write a book. But I will leave that up to Ms. Schumer.

The author is also a major introvert. I completely get that. I would happily never have another phone conversation again, or make small talk with people I don’t really care about. I am content, by myself, 99% of the time. Years of training! I also love social media, as it affords me the tool to “connect” with people…by myself.

Of course, there are also several hilarious moments in the book. Trying to learn how to, ahem, help a guy “release” wasn’t quite working, and, “I was getting Michelle Obama arms, but no other good was coming of it.” I cried I was laughing so hard. Her various lists of things she loves/hates are highly entertaining.

Even though she bad mouths my adopted home town of Tampa and glosses over a trip to my actual home state of Montana, all is forgiven. This is a wonderful book that should be celebrated and discussed, over a nice box of wine. Amy Schumer embraces all that she is; we all, as women, should take that figurative page from her book.





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