The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson

Oct 20

This book is by Stieg Larsson.  He died after writing this book and two others in 2004.  Prepare yourself for one million characters (most of them with fun to pronounce Swedish names).  I thought this book had a very decent, well thought out plot about a family mystery, intertwined with gruesome crime and sexual deviancy.  Not a read aloud for the kids!  There was also a very dry financial sub plot that could have been left out altogether.  I also found some of the characters’ reactions to horrible things a bit…clinical?  Perhaps that is due to cultural differences or things being lost in translation.  I’m glad I made it through this 600 page book; I don’t think I’ll be picking up part two (The Girl Who Played With Fire).


  1. I enjoyed this for the most part. Good one to read on the plane coming back and forth. Enjoyed the characters especially the girl. I started the second book, but put it down. Maybe later.

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    I am glad you enjoyed it! They did a really good job with the movie.


  1. Brooklyn - SandBookWich - […] that I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book, which I can only remember happening one other time.…
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