The Devil in the White City – Erik Larson

Feb 03

This non fiction book is by Erik Larson.  It offers an interesting dichotomy of two completely different men in Chicago in the late 1800s.  Daniel Burnham is the gifted architect who dreamed a little dream called the 1893 World’ s Fair (aka “The White City”).  Dr. H.H. Holmes was a charming…..serial killer.  I enjoyed learning about the history of the inception and eventual fruition of the transformation of the grounds of the fair.  I was decidedly more disturbed by the creeper who preyed on single ladies and kids.  It is always far more unnerving to read about actual events and evil doers.  Some of the architect pissing contests were a bit drawn out; there was also a subplot about a cuckoo who was trying to take out the city’s mayor that felt a bit out of place.  The descriptions of the buildings, the entertainment, and the first Ferris Wheel made me want to go ahead and go back in time…..and not stay at Mr. Holmes “Castle” of Horror.


  1. Read this one again last year & still enjoyed it. It is interesting how many novels, films & tv shows refer to H.H.Holmes

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