Texas Destroyer – 4Rivers Smokehouse

Feb 21

Texas Destroyer – 4Rivers Smokehouse

On a *fateful trip through Central Florida on our way to St. Augustine, my Sandwich Partner Spencer and I dipped into 4Rivers in Winter Park per the suggestion of my friend Lori. She, as usual, did not fail me. We had golfed the afternoon away and were ready for some barbecue sandy goodness. Enter 4Rivers. We went at an “off” time (3 pm) and the place was bumping. The line snaked out the door. We grabbed readily available menus and prepared to place our orders, cafeteria style. The line moved quickly; just enough time for me to opt for the Texas Destroyer and two sides. The Destroyer was tender smoked brisket topped with onion rings, jalapenos, provolone, and their homemade bbq sauce all served on a squishy delicious bun. This is easily one of the top 5 sandys on my all time list….perfectly cooked meat with just the right amount of toppings that were just a little spicy, just a little hot, just a little sweet, just enough gooey cheese…Perfection. A close second was the Messy Pig; pulled pork between 2 layers of slaw, pickles, jalapenos, and the aforementioned sauce. As if the sandwiches were not manna from Heaven….here come the sides. The four we tried were amazing: cornbread salad, fried pickles, potato salad, and beans. Each bite was better than the one before. I instructed my partner in crime to not speak, as I was experiencing the ever elusive state of SandBliss. We didn’t have enough room to sample the deserts; there is just one more reason to go back. If you are ANYWHERE in the vicinity, do yourself a favor and get yourself a meal at 4Rivers.
*This trip was fateful for two reasons: The discovery of one of my new favorite sandwiches & at the end of this trip I was….engaged. The “Best Boyfriend Ever” will now be referred to as “That Fantastic Fiance”.


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  1. If That Fantastic FiancĂ© can’t make it next time, I’ll volunteer! I always have room for dessert! 🙂

  2. You would love that place, Alicia!!

  3. Yay!! Congrats on the engagement!! That sandwich sounds awesome. I have such a soft spot for BBQ.

  4. Sandwich Gal /

    This is a re-post from last February, Crystal. I locked that sh&t down in June. Thank you for your well wishes! You would LOVE this place…

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