The Stranger – Albert Camus

Sep 27

The Stranger – Albert Camus

My super smart husband first introduced me to Albert Camus (or ‘Famous Camus’ as I like to call him) when we first started dating. He had helped to create a course called Literature and Medicine at USF for the Honors College, and The Plague was on the reading list. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing of that particular book, and have been a big fan of Camus (and my husband) ever since.

We meet the main character, Meursault, right after his mother dies. He is an odd duck, and he has no discernable reaction to this traumatic life event. Meursault moves through his days with little or no feelings; he befriends a man who beats his dog on the daily and a cad that does the same to his mistress. He basically goes through life with the attitude that nothing really matters; who you marry, when people die, how you react to life’s curveballs. Meursault’s take on life is that it is somewhat meaningless. All meaning comes from our own reactions and what we deem important.

Succinct existentialism at its finest.


I love this painting of my husband.

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