Still Alice

Feb 26

Still Alice

Lisa Genova paints a gripping portrait of a woman (who is only 50!!) struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Alice has built her life around knowing a million facts and understanding and explaining language. She is a Cognitive Psychology professor at prestigious Harvard University. She has created a career, written books, raised a family, and then one day she can’t remember how to get home from her daily run. I have never been around anyone with this horrendous disease; Ms. Genova does a masterful job at telling the tale from Alice’s viewpoint. Her relationships with her grown children and her fairly douchey husband are richly described.

You will cry. You will also become fearful of developing this particularly debilitating malady. You may also wait to see Julianne Moore’s Oscar winning performance from the privacy of your own home, so that you don’t force your “ugly cry” on the general public.



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