Special Turkey “Sangwich” – Sangwich Block

May 19

Special Turkey “Sangwich” – Sangwich Block

You are a truly blessed eater if you live near Sangwich Block at 9291 9th Street North in St. Petersburg, Florida. My brother, Lance, first took me here about 10 years ago and introduced me to The “Awful, Awful”…a triple decker beast that comes in three varieties. As I am trying to fit into a white dress next month, I controlled myself and went with the smaller Specialty Turkey version. I go white bread for this layered piece of Heaven. At The Block, they layer the right way. White bread, special dressing (pretty sure it is Russian + 1,000 Island or a near cousin), then Swiss cheese, then crunchy cole slaw with a little kick, then thinly sliced deli turkey piled high, then REPEAT on the opposite end until you hit bread again!! This ensures equal distribution of ingredients and a bite of all that goodness every single time! The Sangwich Block doesn’t look like much outside, but every time I have been in there it is super clean, the staff is always friendly and helpful, they make the sandwiches with a quickness, and all of my out of town guests love it. The only thing left to do? Figure out the origin of the Title of the place….was a sandwich so good that you sang? Did the guy making the sign jack it up and it was a family member so you had to stick with it? This may remain one of life’s great mysteries….Or maybe I’ll just ask them next time I pop in.

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  1. Their french fries are so good!

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    I need to try the fries then!!!

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