South of Broad – Pat Conroy

Jan 21

This book is by Pat Conroy (who also penned Prince of Tides).  It was a very long book.  My friend Lori also gets the giant print version, so it also served as a supplement to the gym.  This is a story about a group of 10 friends in Charleston, South Carolina.  The author is an amazing writer…you can almost hear the twangy, lilting southern drawl as you read through the pages.  I also learned about 20 new words…I feel like I have a fair grasp of the English language, I absolutely love it when I come across new words.  The books was about 200 pages too long.  The story centers on the character Leo King, whose combination of wit and dorkiness endear him to the reader.  The story has every character imaginable…sluts, gay guys, nuns, lawyers, journalists, drunks, pedophiles, orphans, mountain folk…you name it, they show up in this book.  The first third of the book tells the story of how all of the main characters meet.  I enjoyed this portion quite a bit.  The middle third tells how the group reconvenes later in life to find a missing member.  The last third felt pretty disjointed in its need to wrap up all of the ongoing story lines.  I sincerely enjoy the way Mr. Conroy paints a picture of the south..I felt like an honorary belle after the read.  A little more self editing never hurt anybody.

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