Something Borrowed – Emily Giffin

Jul 07

Something Borrowed – Emily Giffin

This book marks my first experience with author Emily Giffin. I know lots of gals that enjoy her work, so I thought I would give this one a try. The short story? I hated this book. I actually enjoyed Ms. Giffin’s style of writing quite a bit, but oh man that content was a killer.

The entire story is the justification of Rachel sleeping with Darcy’s fiance Dex.

I. Loathe. A. Cheater.

So, I couldn’t get myself into the story at all. The kicker here? Rachel and Darcy are “best” friends. Darcy is painted as a controlling “one-upper” and Rachel is portrayed as the sweet one. I started weeding out those toxic friendships in my early twenties, when I figured out that I was in control of who I spent my time with. One does not wait until the eve of one’s thirtieth birthday party and then pounce on your BFF’s man when your drunk friend goes home.

I have never had a problem with promiscuity. If that is the way you choose to live your life  (think Samantha from Sex and the City), by all means get after it.

Just don’t get married.

I won’t be watching the movie they made, and it may take a strong argument for me to give Emily Giffin another try.



  1. I wouldn’t like the book either! I am always mystified when books or movies with someone who cheats as the hero become really popular.

  2. Oh no! I seriously loved this book. But I did see the film first, you know?

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