Slaw Dog

Apr 26

Slaw Dog

It’s my blog…and I’ll write about wieners if I want to. If you have some type of bread and some tasty toppings for the Sandwich Gal, I’ll eat it and then share my thoughts. That Fantastic Fiance and I needed a quick meal on our way to my nephew’s soccer game. Enter Luke’s Coney Island on North 4th Street in St. Petersburg. The place is super retro and covered in Michigan decor. We were basically the only customers on a Monday night. We got down to business with the Slaw Dog (crunchy and well seasoned), a Coney Dog (mustard, onion, and Coney Sauce) and some finger licking Chili Fries (so crispy good and covered with the aforementioned Coney Sauce…Spencer almost lost a finger over the last one). We cleaned our plates and dipped out of there for around $13. I hope this family owned joint survives; maybe there is more of a crowd later in the week. Head over to Luke’s if you are jonesing for a traditional Detroit Coney. Order your own Chili Fries!!

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  1. I just went to this place last week- GOOD STUFF. These were the real deal Detroit Style Coneys! I shot a fun video while I was there…

  2. admin /

    I enjoyed your video!!! And the dogs…

  3. What an endorsement from “The Hotdogman” himself.Thanks for the mention……….

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