Sizzling Sixteen

Jul 05

Sizzling Sixteen

The adventures of Stephanie Plum, pseudo bounty hunter, continue in this series by Janet Evanovich.  I have read all 16, and at this point it is like having lunch with that friend you catch up with once a year.  This caper sees Vinnie, Stephanie’s relative and boss, being held for gambling debts under threat of death.  Crazy antics ensue trying to save Vinnie.  All of the usual suspects are here to help along the way and offer entertainment:  Lula, the former prostitute and from what I can glean the worst dieter ever, Grandma Mazur (who makes me laugh out loud at least once a book), and of course the men in Stephanie’s life….Morelli, the hot Italian cop, and Ranger, the hot “security” expert.  In this installment Stephanie is not getting anything done with either one of them.  I was all about the back and forth between these two men for the first 12 or so novels; now I am ready for Stephanie to go ahead and choose.  I don’t even care which one at this point.  Is this story, that at one point involves a Hobbit convention, going to change your life?  Absolutely not.  However, if you are a fan of Ms. Evanovich’s work, you will enjoy reconnecting with all of your favorite characters for an easy breezy summer read.

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