The Singles Game – Lauren Weisberger

Aug 05

The Singles Game – Lauren Weisberger

The thing that I liked best about this book?

The cover.

So gorgeous! However, even that was a bit misleading, as the book was mostly about tennis. I grabbed it up because I saw that it was by the same author (Lauren Weisberger) as The Devil Wears Prada. Even though I am not a big Anne Hathaway fan, I love that movie. So, I was expecting more glam and less backhand.

Charlie Silver has always followed the rules. Spoiler alert! She has a major injury and decides to break with her squeaky clean image. The result? An over-the-top coach, celebrity dalliances, and sexier clothes. I did appreciate learning about some of the behind the scenes protocols for the pro tennis circuit; I did not enjoy much of the story, as the character of Charlie was pretty much one-note and the story was predictable.

If you are a tennis lover and you need the lightest of stories to entertain you between sets, this is the book for you.


That cover, though.


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