The Shack – William Paul Young

Aug 13

The Shack – William Paul Young

I read this heartbreaker by William Paul Young when it first came out. I decided to reread it before I watched the movie, because I couldn’t remember all of the specific details, but I remembered that I really liked it at the time.

The Shack is a story centering around Mack Phillips (portrayed by Sam Worthington in the movie version; he’s about a billion times hotter than the author described) a good man by most accounts. When an unimaginable tragedy strikes his family, Mack understandably becomes angry with God. Steeped in grief, he opens his mailbox one blistery morning to find a note, supposedly from God, inviting him to hang out at a shack. This is no random shack; this shack is the very place where the horror occurred.

Now, if you are not religious at all, this is not the book for you. Some of the dialogue about religion was a bit lengthy, but the heart of the story was uplifting. I also love the back story about the author; he wrote this book while commuting between three jobs to try and explain God to his children.


Rainy day reading in Atlanta.

Also, that totally was not me reading this book at the gym and sobbing.


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