Salt Houses – Hala Alyan

Jun 02

Salt Houses – Hala Alyan

Some day, the husband will be making doctor money and I will make it rain in the bookstore.

Until then, my procurement of books knows no bounds.

This book came to me via Spencer’s uncle. That guy works for a company that holds a book club meeting once a month. He is not a reader, but the books are free for any employee who wants a copy.

Thanks, Uncle Robert.

This saga follows one family who is continually displaced from one home to the next. They are Palestinian in origin, but wars have moved them from one place to the next. The chapters flit from one family member to the next, often times skipping several years. Alia seems to be the center of the tale. We learn about her mother first, then her siblings, then on to her children and grandchildren, with the story always swinging back around to Alia. I learned a lot about the different regions, the culture, the food, and sadly the never ending conflicts. Hala Alyan truly paints a picture of the strife through the eyes of one family.

I liked this story, I didn’t love it.






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