Roux-Datz-Dough: Tale of a Progressive Dinner

Jan 18

Roux-Datz-Dough: Tale of a Progressive Dinner

Thanks to an invitation from the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was lucky enough to partake in a most festive version of a progressive dinner. The concept is simple: serve consecutive courses at three separate locations.

Hurricane-when in NOLA, do as the Cajuns do. Cheers!

For the appetizer portion of the evening, we gathered at Roux in South Tampa. Roux touts itself as “Creole Nouvelle” and it makes good on that promise. All of your favorite Cajun-style dishes are represented, with a fresh new twist. The biggest hit of the night for me was the Boudin Balls. The creole mustard crema was to die for, and I would have maybe licked the plate a little bit if I had not been dining in the company of old and new acquaintances. 

The table’s favorite was the Char-Grilled Oysters: Romano, Parmesan, and Roux compound butter. These tasty bites melted in your mouth. 


Crab Beignets

This picture would lend itself to some pretty terrible “Eyes Wide Shut” references.

The cool factor is kicked up a notch if you choose to dine in the Absinthe room. I felt like I was in Paris in the early 1900s, waiting for van Gogh to come rolling through the door any minute. Laissez les bons temps rouler, indeed.

Happily, I had a running commentary in my brain all night voiced by Bobby Boucher. I cannot wait to head back to Roux for a complete dinner.

Up next, we hit up Datz for our main course. I have been there several times, and reviewed it as well. Datz just never disappoints. They are always pushing the boundaries of comfort food done at a gourmet level, all served in a funky, chic setting.


So spicy, so cheesy, so addicting.

As a table, we were greeted with some house-made popcorn and 2015’s first new food trend: Buffalo Cauliflower. The whole head is fried and tossed in buffalo sauce, then served with blue cheese. It was outstanding. I love that flavor profile and this is a genius way to incorporate all things wing into a vegetable appetizer.

The main course selection for me was a no-brainer. Our waiter informed us of the Cheesy Todd: a burger wherein the bun is comprised of Mac & Cheese. You had me at “Cheesy,” Datz.

Served with the can’t-stop-eating sweet and salty chips.

Definitely not a first-date sandwich, but one of the more memorable creations I have ever eaten. I chased all of this savory goodness with a spicy gin drink, dubbed “Hot Sex.” That moniker afforded endless teenage-boy type bad jokes.

Cheers to Hot Sex!

After all of this, I couldn’t possibly have dessert. Or could I?? Sadly/luckily, Datz’s quirky and sweet little sister Dough is right next door. My fat-girl eyes immediately settled on a Bacon Brownie. It was out-of-this-world good. 

Dough also offers boozy shakes as well as a plethora of unique sweet treats.

I am not sure exactly how many trips to the gym this night will cost me (400?), but I wouldn’t change a thing. Have you been to Roux, Datz, or Dough? Let me know what you think if you try any of these menu items!!

Disclaimer: I was invited to dinner by these three establishments and provided with food and drinks in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. Thanks to the Tampa Bay Bloggers for organizing this wonderful night!




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  1. This looked so fun! I was supposed to go but got stuck at work an hour late…I am so intrigued by the Buffalo Cauli! I have seen it online, but never in a restaurant! I’m always a huge fan of Datz’s chips!

    • Sandwich Gal /

      Boo to work!! I am in love with all things drenched in Buffalo Sauce. Those chips are super addictive!

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