Roast Beef Market Sandwich -JJ’s – St. Pete

Sep 12

Roast Beef Market Sandwich -JJ’s – St. Pete

When you do not feel like cooking and you discover an amazing Deli right around the corner from your house, the Sandwich Gods have smiled upon you. Such is the case with JJ’s Market & Delicatessen (10535 Gandy Boulevard, St. Petersburg, Florida). I noticed this cute little place right across the street from the dog track the last time I was getting my gamble on. The market is packed with a fairly extensive wine selection, tons of specialty beers (the cooler boasts a sign that says “Beer Cave”), baked goods, and a small but decent cheese selection. We were waited on a very friendly guy behind the counter. Per his advice, I opted for the #3 Roast Beef on Italian Loaf. This delicious bit of goodness came with the beef, provolone, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and a tasty horseradish mayo. As I now have a sandwich sidekick, Spencer, I am afforded the rights of all happy couples: the ability to order TWO sandwiches, therefore permitting me to participate in the old “Split & Share” maneuver. Our second menu selection was the #5 Balsamic Chicken Panini, also on Italian Loaf and served with tomato, provolone, and basil leaves. We also tried the chick pea salad, one of about 10 interesting side type options. We rounded out the meal with some unusual chips (guacamole flavored? Why has Sandwich Gal not seen this before???) and fountain sodas. The joint was also very reasonable, we dipped out of there for around $23. Close to my house? Check. Friendly staff? Check. Clean and inviting? Check. Gourmet sandwiches? Check. Adding JJ’s to my sandwich rotation? Double check.




***UPDATE*** A new favorite this summer was this pressed turkey with Swiss and sundried tomato spread. Tasty business.




  1. Alicia /

    I’ve driven by there a few times but have never stopped in- thanks for the info!

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    We tried their take-out pizza, it was decent. We have yet to try their dinner items, what they had looked comparable to Fresh Market goodness.

  3. Sandwich Gal /

    FYI-Spencer is the super sandwich model due to the fact that I had yet to bathe and was wearing a sweet gym outfit on this sandwich eating day….:)

  4. Good to know… This is in my neighborhood! Thank you!

  5. Sandwich Gal /

    Mindy..they also have pretty decent pizza on Saturday nights and some yummy take and bake entrees throughout the week. Not bad, and it is closer than Fresh Market in a pinch!

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