Righteous Portobello Reuben – Mellow Mushroom

Dec 17

Righteous Portobello Reuben – Mellow Mushroom

After not killing it on the golf course, The Husband and I found ourselves hungry and driving around the Westchase area of Tampa.  Lucky for us, we happened upon the Mellow Mushroom.  Outside, the restaurant looks like any other strip mall.  Inside, you are transported back to the 60s.



Our luck continued when we discovered an extensive beer list.  The Sandwich Gal is a big fan of the fruity beers.  The Lindemans Framboise hit the spot and helped me to forget about my horrible golfing skills.

Our cool (or should I say groovy?) and informative waitress was full of great suggestions.  We decided to order all of the food on the menu, thereby taking care of dinner plans as well via the tasty leftovers.  The Spouse opted for the Magic Mushroom soup as an opener.  The wine and herb broth was flavorful; the creamy Montamore cheese perfection.

My favorite part was the sandwich, natch.  I love a good Reuben; this was a fun and delicious interpretation.  The Righteous Portobello Reuben comes brimming with the distinct flavors of Portobello mushrooms, Swiss cheese, Bavarian-style sauerkraut, and topped with 1000 Island dressing.  The bread was a perfectly crunchy sandwich vehicle.

The Mellow Mushroom’s claim to fame is their one of a kind pizzas.  The staff is happy to do any style half and half.  We tried the Red Skin Potato Pie (baked potato, the pizza version!) and the Mellowterranean (the chicken gyro pie…with a side of tzatziki sauce!!).  The Husband, a self affirmed pizza addict, was a big fan of the cheesy crust.

The bathroom was on the dirty side, but other than that we had an amazing experience.    We will certainly be back in the near future.  Now, if only I could perfect that golf game..


***UPDATE*** I hit up Mellow Mushroom again after a recent Christmas shopping spree. The food and drinks there continue to impress.

Vodka Cherry Collins

You really cannot go wrong with any of the appetizers. My favorite is the Muffuletta Cheese Bread.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

We always order a half and half pizza. On this magical night, we smartly went with Bubba’s Bacon Bonanza (All hail the pig, & I love alliteration!) and the Bayou Bleu. Both varieties were just amazing. Sadly, I think the Bubba’s pie was a limited release. Here is hoping they add it to the permanent menu.

Applewood smoked bacon, honey-glazed ham, pulled pork, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, and caramelized onions, all garnished with a drizzle of BBQ sauce, fresh cilantro and housemade pickled red onions.

Spicy bleu cheese base topped with grilled shrimp and Andouille sausage, covered in mozzarella cheese and garnished with chives.

The only item I was apathetic about was our dessert choice. The honey and cinnamon pretzels were fair, they are not something I would order again.

In this world filled with average pizza restaurants, do yourself a favor and check out the chill vibe and top-notch pies at Mellow Mushroom.



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  1. That looks awesome! I didn’t know they had anything other than pizza. I have been wanting to go there for awhile though. I love framboise too. I normally mix it. This combo is my fav: Seadog Blueberry, Liengenkugels (sp?) Summer Shandy and a splash of Raspberry Framboise. Sooo good. 🙂

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    I LOVE Seadog Blueberry. That sounds like a recipe for happy.:) The pizza there is fantastic, it is nice that there are other menu options.

  3. That pizza looks amazing! I’ve never been to Mellow Mushroom, I’ll have to give them a try.

  4. In college I lived right by a Mellow Mushroom, it was dangerous. I’m so looking forward to the new Clearwater location opening!

  5. You had me at Mushroom! It lunch time now and I am starving. Mushrooms + anything = happiness!

  6. Sandwich Gal /

    So dangerous! I am sort of glad this one is not too close to my house. 🙂
    I had yogurt for lunch today…:(

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