Rich and Pretty – Rumaan Alam

Aug 03

Rich and Pretty – Rumaan Alam


My lucky summer reading streak had to come to an end at some point. Hopefully this was a mere stumble, and not a harbinger for my August book selections.

Rumaan Alam explores the world of two best friends, Sarah (she’s rich!) and Lauren (she’s exceptionally pretty!) who meet when they are eleven and travel together through life’s ups and downs. I felt like there should have been a third character named “Vapid” to nicely round out a trio. My favorite character may have been the backdrop of New York City.

The author’s writing is well done; I just did not have any sort of strong feelings toward these two characters. Lauren points out that, “She could be a trophy wife, or she could have been. At thirty-two you’re not a trophy wife. You’re a plaque wife, a certificate-of-participation wife.” Dismal. I kept waiting for the big blow up; they simply grew apart, as decades-long friendships are wont to do. I thought it was going to get interesting when Lauren decided to have a borderline inappropriate dalliance at a bachelorette weekend; it quickly fizzled into nothingness.  They dance around topics; Lauren’s inability to commit to any one man, Sarah’s need to live life by her parents’ rules. They shrug their beautiful shoulders and move on to the next boring stage of their lives.

One of them, of course, eventually has a baby. From that point forth, it was like pulling teeth for me to read. “Newborns are never that cute unless you have a genetic stake.” Truer words have never been spoken. I have exactly zero interest in any baby that is not directly related to me by a family member or close friend. Even then I sometimes have to fake excitement. My husband and I find it equal parts amusing and weird how excited we get when we see a puppy or a dog, and how we feel the polar opposite around their human counterparts.

So, maybe this was just not the right book for this gal. I wanted something more along the lines of Rich and Pretty…….and Fabulous!



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