Repeat the Chorus – Russell B. Crites

Jan 05

Repeat the Chorus – Russell B. Crites

When you are an avid reader and your father becomes a published author during his retirement, all of the feels are real. My Dad, Russell B. Crites, recently penned his third book. It is by far his best work yet. (See another review here. )


Murder has come to sleepy northern Montana in the 1930s. Rowdy is a sinister poker player looking for the easy way out. Ray has been inside of a bottle for so long he doesn’t know which way is out. Sheriff Crater finds a dead body and is subsequently scarred for life. There is a widow, some spinsters, bible beaters, drunks, and sundry other characters that you won’t soon forget. I heard my Dad and my Grandpa’s voices throughout the story. Some things I have heard my Dad say a million times; he blended these bits seamlessly into this tale of life on the Hi-Line during The Great Depression.

If you are not sure how to spend your retirement, talk to my Dad. He reads, he writes, he plays with his dogs, he takes care of his family, he volunteers.

He Tweets.

We didn’t always have the easiest time when I was growing up. I am ten kinds of proud of the relationship that we have formed.



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