Red Mist – Patricia Cornwell

Aug 09

Red Mist – Patricia Cornwell

I have read countless novels by Patricia Cornwell, usually involving the über talented and largely morose forensic pathologist, Kay Scarpetta. I had not picked up one of these murderous tales in quite some time; it seemed like a perfect choice when I recently returned to the magical world of the public library. Dr. Scarpetta is coming off of a fresh run-in with the disturbed daughter of a former colleague. Kay, under some fairly sketchy circumstances, ends up in Savannah, Georgia. There she visits the mother of her attacker, who resides in an all female prison. Of course the bodies begin dropping, and our heroine is being painted as the guilty party. As always, the deaths are graphic, the relationships meaningful, and the science behind everything equally fascinating and frightening. Patricia Cornwell, as always, is an ardent and intelligent storyteller.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Have you read any of Tim Dorsey’s books? They’re a bit murderous too, but I love that they’re set in Florida cities and does a great job of making the location a part of the story.

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    I have read a few of Tim Dorsey’s! I think I actually have a signed copy from an appearance at Haslam’s. His books have a funnier, quirky edge. I need to read one of his again; it has been a while. The Scarpetta books are usually pretty dark with loads of forensic info.

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