Rabbit, Run – John Updike

May 16

Rabbit, Run – John Updike

Can a book be great even when the main character is detestable?

Yes. Yes it can. The Rabbit series (there are four total, according to my Instagram followers) by John Updike gets its start with this book. Rabbit is a former star athlete. He marries young and becomes a father. Then he looks around his life and decides that it isn’t exactly satisfying. So, in true POS fashion, he runs. Though Rabbit himself is deplorable, Mr. Updike has a way of writing that makes the simplest things seem extraordinary. I found myself rereading passages that were so packed full of brilliant word choice it was almost unbelievable. It is also a very cool peek into another time period (1960s) in what seemed to me like a very authentic way.

I will eventually read all of these (two of the series are Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction) but I shall take a break for now from Rabbit and his wayward antics.

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