Pulled Pork – Raymond James Stadium

Nov 22

Pulled Pork – Raymond James Stadium

Sometimes, “It’s a Bucs Life” means scratching your head at coaching decisions and understanding that a team filled with players from Rutgers will struggle in the NFL. It has been a tough season to be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan.

The Nicest Husband Ever and I lucked out when we ended up at the Bucs vs. the Atlanta Falcons at Raymond James Stadium (Ray-Jay for you cool kids) on a recent Sunday. We caught an incredible game from the end zone at the ship-end of the stadium. This is the Bucs life of a football fan’s dream!

The Galley (directly across from that fantastic pirate ship) offers several tasty barbecue options.

The Brisket Nachos were buried in queso and filled with black beans, spicy sauce, and jalapenos. Three cheers for this delicious version of the Mighty Nacho Family.

Of course I had to have a sandwich. This pulled pork sandy came with a sturdy bun, cole slaw, and a sweet sauce. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the ingredients. As a side note, while I was taking this picture pre-game (from the 3rd row) a football bounced up from the field and hit me in the ass. I sadly threw the ball back like a girl; my brothers would be super disappointed in me. I was nervous!


That smack in the derrière signaled the start of a great afternoon of football.

The Bucs had a shining day in the sun (I was sweating like a beast in the 80+ degree heat) and beat the Dirty Birds 41-28, with several of the scores coming directly in front of us.

Spencer and the very necessary half strawberry/half regular margarita on this hot, hot football day!

My Sweet Husband, football, and sandwiches? Mark it down as a perfect day in my book.





  1. Is it sad that I now want to go to a game JUST for the food? I miss the Trop nachos when it isn’t baseball season. Those look yummy!

  2. Sandwich Gal /

    That queso is so yummy. I love all of the nachos, all of the time. 🙂

  3. sounds like a fun & tasty day. Love the look of that funky margarita

  4. Sandwich Gal /

    That margarita was a game-changer in the hot-hot-hot 3rd quarter.

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