The Professor’s House – Willa Cather

Jun 15

The Professor’s House – Willa Cather

My in-laws have the best library. I like to read a few classics during the summer, when I have time to really delve into a book. I basically closed my eyes, did a spin, and pulled out this book by Willa Cather. This marks my first time reading anything by this author, and it was a distinct peek into American society in the 1920s.

Godfrey St. Peter is the eponymous title holder. He is a well established man in his early 50s. He is surrounded by three beautiful and decidedly different gals (his wife and daughters) and one spinster seamstress. St. Peter is at an age where he is examining his life and the choices he has made. He pretty much just wants to be left alone. The one young man that sparked intelligent conversation and true forward thinking, Tom, is long gone and has been replaced by two sons-in-law that cannot hold a candle to the memory of Tom. Adding insult to injury, St. Peter’s wife fawns over those two new family members with an overbearing need to  move up in society. St. Peter wants no involvement.

This story is a commentary on change, both in society and in your own family life,  and the different seasons of our existence that shape who we are. Definitely not a core shaker for me, but well worth the read.

Now……..what should I choose next?




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