Private Games – James Patterson

Aug 01

Private Games – James Patterson

This was a quick, intricate, terrifying look at what would happen if a psychopath really, really hated The Olympic Games. James Patterson and Mark Sullivan team up to tell the tale of PI Peter Night. He works for a company called Private. The firm begins trying to unravel the mystery of who exactly is trying to sabotage the 2012 London games by gruesomely murdering athletes, organizers, and sundry other unfortunate souls connected to the games. The killer goes only by the name Cronus. As a 6th grader, I spent the full year doing self-assigned reports on every Greek Mythological character imaginable. Teacher’s Dream, raise your hand. As is a Patterson staple, the chapters are super short and the action is fast and furious. I was not familiar with Sullivan before this book; I was pleasantly surprised that he lives in Bozeman, Montana, home of my alma mater.

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