Pressed Eggplant Parmesan

Nov 22

Pressed Eggplant Parmesan

How exactly does one end up at the Hollywood Cafe in Wildwood, Florida? If you are the sandwich gal, you graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. The highlight of your sports year is the annual Cat/Griz game. Said game is only shown in 2 venues in the entire state of Florida. One of those locations….Wildwood! I love the sports/sandwich one day road trip. The Hollywood Cafe is super old school; it was founded in 1925. There are pictures of the town back in the day and photos of the original owners. I definitely got that small town friendly vibe. My pressed sandy came with eggplant, provolone, mozzarella, and marinara all expertly pressed on an Amoroso roll. It was amazing. The ingredients all worked in cheesey, blissful harmony and the bread was outstanding.

The best boyfriend ever went with the Philly Steak Marinara.I didn’t think I would like the marriage of the traditional Philly with the red sauce, but I was happily proven wrong. All sandys came with 2 smallish sides. We were loving the potato salad and the Israeli salad. If you happen to be driving north on 75, pull into Wildwood and enjoy a fantastic lunch at this quaint, historic restaurant. Don’t do what I then did….cry as your beloved MSU  Bobcats lose to the much hated rival UM team.



  1. Alicia /

    I am impressed by your trek to Wildwood! You should’ve kept going north on I-75 after the game and headed to Gainesville, home of many a good sandwich. Maybe a road trip is on order- I will be your tour guide!

  2. Oh….I have never been to the sandwich Mecca that is Gainesville! I will definitely hit you up for suggestions when I head that way. 🙂

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