Post Fantasy Season Wrap Up

Jan 11

Like my poor Bucs, twas not a good season.

IDP League at work-I finish 2nd to last.  The boys at work say that I can play again next year…I am sure the joy that I bring them as a proverbial punching bag has no price.

GridIron with the brothers-I finish 2nd from last.  I smell theme!  They too have sworn inclusion in the future.  My brother Rhett won 1st place.

Montana League-I take 2nd place.  My QB was Peyton Manning..who the coach decided to sit at halftime the week we played for the title.  You can suck it, Jim Caldwell.

Money League-Knocked out in the semi finals.

After surviving the most boring NFL Wild Card weekend ever (except for that Packers/Cards shoot out)  I am not sure who to cheer for.  Maybe I’ll pull for the rookie QB and the J-E-T-S Jets.  I am sure my doing so will jinx the crap out of them.

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